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TOKYO GHOUL:RE Vol. 1-16 Complete Set Bundle German (New)

TOKYO GHOUL:RE Vol. 1-16 Complete Set Bundle German (New)

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"Humans are at the top of the food chain. However, there is a creature that hunts and eats them - the ghoul. To combat these man-eaters, the CCG, an organization for the research and destruction of ghouls, has set up a special unit called, the Quinks. Under the leadership of Haise Sasaki, these young investigators try to get the deadly plague in Tokyo under control.."


TITLE:  Tokyo Ghoul: RE 1-16 (Set)

ORIGINAL TITEL:  Tokyo Ghoul re- (Tōkyō Gūru:Re)

SERIES STATUS: Completed (16 volumes)


AUTOR: Sui Ishida

FORMAT: Paperback (softcover), Japanese reading style, 220 pages/book

VERLAG: Kazé /Crunchyroll

RELEASE DATE:  2016-2018 (German edition) 2014-2018 (in Japan)

GENRE; Horror, Action, Psychodrama, Kämpfe



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