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THE VOTE Volume 1-7 Set complete German (new)

THE VOTE Volume 1-7 Set complete German (new)

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"Japan, Yanagizawa private school - actually a school like any other. The students* enjoy the modern life of the smartphone generation. Minato is new and is trying to integrate into the existing class structure. One evening an unknown app pops up on Minato's smartphone : The Vote! A virtual game whose participants are all from Minato's class. From now on, each student must choose another classmate the night before to solve a task, otherwise the chosen one is threatened with "social death" - equivalent to the destruction of his social life. At first, very few people pay serious attention to the app, until a highly dramatic incident occurs, which makes it clear to everyone involved that The Vote is not a normal app, but a mercilessly perverted game of life and death!"


TITLE: The vote Vol. 1-7

ORIGINAL TITLE:生贄投票 (Ikenie Touhyou)

STATUS: Completed (7 volumes)

AUTHOR: Ryuya Kasai (story), Edogawa Edogawa I (drawings)

FORMAT: Softcover, Japanese reading direction, 190 pages/book

PUBLISHER: Hayabusa/Carlsen

RELEASE DATE: 2021-2022 (German Edition), 2016-2018 (In Japan)

GENRE: Psychological Thriller, Action, Mystery, Suspence



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