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OVERLORD Vol. 1-18 Manga individual volumes GERMAN (new)

OVERLORD Vol. 1-18 Manga individual volumes GERMAN (new)

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" Trapped in a cyberworld fantasy adventure!! In 2126, a game highlight was released - the game "Yggdrasil", which gave fans of MMORPGs completely new options for in-game interaction Between the players, the players enthusiastically stormed the new fantasy world and powerful warriors and magicians created guilds and communities to shape the fate of their server-based online world. Twelve years later, all of this is old hat! are to be switched off, so some players of one of the most powerful guilds with 41 members call for an online guild meeting to spend the last seconds of their Yggdrasil lives together. But only four sad members show up to witness the swan song, one of them the guild leader with the alias "Momonga". Little by little everyone logs out except for Momonga, who really wants to stay online until the server is shut down. The countdown is running down... and... Nothing? Nothing happens?! Stop!! But - the messaging functions are switched off... the logout no longer works either!!! And all the NPCs suddenly start interacting with him, the big "Momonga"?! Yggdrasil and its inhabitants have been brought to life... and "Momonga" is now trapped in this world! In a world full of magic, schemes and intrigues and monsters that were actually pretty easy to "farm" in the game and now pose a deadly threat..."



TITEL:  Overlord (Manga)

ORIGINAL TITLE: オーバーロード (oobaaroodo)

STATUS OF THE SERIES (German edition): Ongoing (18 volumes published so far)


AUTHOR:  Fugin Miyama (Art), Kugane Maruyama (story)

FORMAT: Paperback (softcover), Japanese reading style, 196 pages

VERLAG: Carlsen Manga

PUBLICATION DATE OF THE SERIES: 2017-ongoing (German edition) 2015-2023 (in Japan, completed in 19 volumes)

GENRE;  Dark fantasy, Mystery, Action, Isekai



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