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MONSTER Perfect Edition Vol. 1-9 individual volumes GERMAN (new)

MONSTER Perfect Edition Vol. 1-9 individual volumes GERMAN (new)

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""The brilliant neurosurgeon Dr. Tenma works at the Eisler Memorial Hospital in Germany. He is engaged to the hospital director's daughter and has a promising future ahead of him. One day a boy is admitted who has suffered a gunshot wound to the head.

At the same time, the hospital director gives the order to prioritize the operation of the mayor, who has suffered a cerebral infarction. For ethical reasons, Tenma ignores this order and saves the life of the boy named Johan.
But from that day on, Tenma's previously smooth life suddenly changes!

Set in Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall, this work brings to light the sins of humanity hidden in history. It won the 3rd Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize and the 46th Shogakukan Manga Prize in the general reader category.

The previously widespread view that mystery manga did not sell well was challenged, and the result was a resounding success: over 21.38 million copies sold, making it the first major mystery hit in the history of Japanese manga ."




TITLE:  MONSTER- Perfect edition

ORIGINAL TITLE:  モンスター, (Monsutā)

STATUS OF THE SERIES (german edition): Completed (9 double volumes)


AUTHOR: Naoki Urasawa

FORMAT: Softcover with flap, double volumes, Japanese reading style, approximately 420 pages/book

PUBLISHER: Carlsen Manga

RELEASE DATE:  2002-2006 (first German edition by Egmont, 18 standard volumes); 2019-2021 (German edition-Perfect edition) 21995-2002 (in Japan, first edition completed with 18 standard volumes); 2008-2008 (In Japan, Perfect edition)

GENRE:  Thriller, crime, psychological thriller, mystery



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