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LAST FRONTLINE Vol. 1-6 Complete Set Bundle GERMAN 1st print (pre-owned)

LAST FRONTLINE Vol. 1-6 Complete Set Bundle GERMAN 1st print (pre-owned)




"Sai Ayatsuji is a normal middle school student until one day a combat robot suddenly appears in front of him. It explains to him that his mission is to wipe out humanity. If he fails to do this, others will come to take over his task "However, Sai finds out that he can control the robot using his cell phone and is now determined to save himself, his friends and all of humanity from the end!"



TITLE:  Last Frontline Vol.1-6 (Set)

ORIGINAL TITEL:  誓約のフロントライン (Seiyaku no furontorain)

EDITION/PRINTING:  All volumes are  1.printing

SERIES STATUS: Completed (6 volumes)


Autor: Mita Sado, Takayuki Yanase (Story), Suzu Suzuki (Story)

FORMAT: Paperback (softcover),  Japanese reading direction, 190+ pages / Volume


RELEASE DATE OF THE SERIES: 2014-2017 (German edition), 2011-2016 (In Japan)

GENRE; Science fiction, Mecha, Fighting

CONDITION**:  General condition is very good. Almost no signs of wear, and when present, very small.

** The condition of used manga is always carefully described. If there are major defects - such as edges, cracks, creases, etc. - they will be shown in your own photos. This means that if there are only 2 photos (front and back), the book is in very good condition and there is no particular defect to show.



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