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INUYASHA New Edition Vol. 1-30 individual volumes GERMAN (new)

INUYASHA New Edition Vol. 1-30 individual volumes GERMAN (new)

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"When Kagome falls into the old well, she ends up in medieval Japan and meets the fur-eared dog demon Inuyasha. Together they go in search of the shards of a powerful magical jewel that are scattered all over the country. Of course, there are all kinds of evil too Spirits are interested in the search...

Inuyasha is finally available again in its entirety, the series can now be completed or started again! To make this possible, Egmont Verlag had to make changes to the books. First of all: The contents of the volumes of course remain the same and continue to tell the fantastic story of the dog demon Inuyasha. The old and new editions are also very similar on the outside. But the attentive collector will notice: the cover is decorated with gold color instead of the previously used gold foil and is printed on different paper. Happy reading and exploring!”



TITLE:  Inuyasha-New Edition Vol. 1-30 (The volumes correspond to the standard volumes 1-56 of the original series)

ORIGINAL TITLE:  犬夜叉 (Inuyasha)

SERIES STATUS: Completed (30 volumes)


AUTHOR: Rumiko Takahashi

FORMAT: Softcover, Japanese reading direction, 340+ pages/book

PUBLISHER: Egmont Manga

PUBLICATION DATE:  2014-2016 (New Edition, German edition) 1997-2009 (in Japan, completed with 56 standard volumes)

GENRE; Fantasy, Adventure, Isekai, Japanese folklore and mythology, Yokai and demons, Fights



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