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DOROHEDORO Volume 1-11 komplett SET Bundle deutsch (Neu)

DOROHEDORO Volume 1-11 komplett SET Bundle deutsch (Neu)

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In a city so dark that it is known only as the Hole, the people live in constant fear of the brutal magicians who conduct cruel experiments on them. Nothing and no one seems to be able to save her. But not all people blindly surrender to their fate: In order to free himself from his curse, Caiman, together with the bar owner Nikaido, begins to hunt down the magician to whom he owes his monstrous appearance...


PRODUKTART:  Manga (Set)

TITLE: Dorohedoro

ORIGINAL TITEL:  Dorohedoro (Dorohedoro)

STATUS OF THE SERIES (German edition):Completed (11 volumes)


AUTOR: Q-Hayashida

FORMAT: Softcover, double volume, Japanese reading style, 352-632 pages

VERLAG:  Manga Cult

PUBLICATION DATE OF THE SERIES: 2021-2023 (German edition), 2002-2018 (In Japan, completed with 23 -standard- volumes)

GENRE: Horror, Superhuman, Action, Cyber-Punk, Dark fantasy



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