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DEAD MOUNT DEATH PLAY Vol. 1-12 individual volumes GERMAN (new)

DEAD MOUNT DEATH PLAY Vol. 1-12 individual volumes GERMAN (new)

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" The legendary doom breaker and the terrible corpse god face each other in the final duel. But what the doom breaker doesn't know: the corpse god is planning to use magic to get out of the affair. Too bad only that something goes wrong while he's working and he suddenly finds himself in modern Tokyo..."


TITEL:  Dead Mount Death Play 

ORIGINAL TITEL:  デッドマウント・デスプレイ (Deddomaunto Desupurei)

STATUS OF THE SERIES (German edition): Ongoing (12 volumes published so far - of which volume 11 and Volume 12 are also available as "Collectors Edition" with extras)


AUTHOR:  Narita Ryohgo (story) ,Fujimoto Shinta (drawings)

FORMAT: Paperback (softcover), Japanese reading style, 180 pages.

-Volume 11 Collectors Edition includes a mini artbook

-Volume 12 Collectors Edition has a variant cover and contains a mini artbook

VERLAG: Altraverse

RELEASE DATE OF THE SERIES: 2021-ongoing (German edition) 2018-ongoing (in Japan)

GENRE;  Dark fantasy, Mystery, Action



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