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DAI DARK Vol. 1-6 individual volumes GERMAN (new)

DAI DARK Vol. 1-6 individual volumes GERMAN (new)



“In the vastness of space, an endless black darkness, a man, covered in blood, drifts alone.

His name is Zaha Sanko, 14 years old. His bones carry the reputation of "granting any wish," and Sanko, wielding the special weapons Yami no Kawa (Skin of Darkness) and Yami no Niku (Flesh of Darkness), is a target for all beings throughout the universe.

Along with his bony sidekick Avakian, Sanko roams the universe fighting the attacking aliens one by one!

The author of "Dorohedoro", Q-Hayashida, presents an unprecedented space manga story that has already been confirmed as an animated TV series and is the talk of the town! A worldview that is unique, aesthetic and far-reaching, not inferior to Dorohedoro. Characters that are just as strong, sharp and yet lovable as in Dorohedoro... Be sure to read!

TITLE:  Dai Dark

ORIGINAL TITLE:大ダーク (Dai Dāku)

STATUS OF THE SERIES (German edition): Ongoing (6 volumes published so far)

SERIES RELEASE DATE: 2023-ongoing (German edition) ; 2019-ongoing (in Japan)


AUTHOR: Q-Hayashida (Dorohedoro)

FORMAT:  Softcover, 21 x 14 cm, B/W, Japanese reading style, 208 pages/volume

PUBLISHER:  Manga Cult

GENRE: Dark fantasy, science fiction,



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