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BLUE PERIOD Vol. 1-13 individual volumes GERMAN (new)

BLUE PERIOD Vol. 1-13 individual volumes GERMAN (new)



"The highly gifted and socially respected student Yatora Yaguchi lives a full life, but still feels a certain emptiness and restlessness. One day he is deeply touched by a painting. This shock drives Yatora to move into the beautiful but demanding world of art overthrow. Full of art know-how, tells the story of Yatora and his friends as they prepare for the goal of being accepted into an art academy and sacrifice their youth for their passion. Yatora and his friends strive with their love for Art towards a future."

TITLE:  Blue Period 

ORIGINAL TITLE:ブルーピリオド (Burū Piriodo)

SERIES STATUS: Ongoing (13 volumes published so far)

Language: German

AUTHOR: Tsubasa Yamaguchi

FORMAT:  Softcover, 21 x 14 cm, B/W, Japanese reading style, 190 pages / volume

PUBLISHER:  Manga Cult

SERIES RELEASE DATE: 2020-ongoing (German edition) ; 2017-ongoing (in Japan)

GENRE: Slice of life, drama, Seinen



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