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BIG ORDER Vol. 1-10 individual volumes GERMAN (pre-owned)

BIG ORDER Vol. 1-10 individual volumes GERMAN (pre-owned)



"In the city of Amakusa lives a high school student named Hoshimiya Eiji who carries a secret and powerful legacy. Ten years ago, his childish wish triggered a catastrophe that destroyed the world. A harrowing suspense superpower battle, presented by the legendary storyteller Sakae Esuno - already author of the most famous manga series "Mirai Nikki"!"

TITLE:  Big order Volume 1

ORIGINAL TITLE:ビッグオーダー (Biggu Ōdā)

SERIES STATUS: Completed (10 volumes)

Language: German

AUTHOR: Sakae Esuno

FORMAT: Softcover, Japanese reading style, 190 pages


RELEASE DATE OF THE SERIES: 2014-2017 (German edition), 2011-2016 (In Japan)

GENRE; Superhuman, action, sci-fi

CONDITION**:  Used/ Very good. Just a few very small signs of wear on the book cover here and there. Book block slightly yellowed.


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