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ANGEL SANCTUARY Deluxe Volume 2 (Preowned)

ANGEL SANCTUARY Deluxe Volume 2 (Preowned)



"The classic of the dark shojo manga now comes as an anthology edition: ANGEL SANCTUARY DELUXE! We are publishing Kaori Yuki's masterpiece in an elegant "2 in 1" hardcover edition with high-quality features - larger format, embossed hardcover with silver logo, each around 400 pages long, with colored illustrations and additional editorial pages!
The angels Alexiel and Rosiel are siblings and fight each other relentlessly because of an unhappy love affair. Finally, Alexiel banishes her brother to the Earth Realm. God imprisons her in a crystal as punishment for this act. From now on, her soul must live on in people... The young Setsuna Mudo does not initially know that he is one of Alexiel's carriers. Meanwhile, Rosiel wants to free himself from his prison with the help of the video game "Angel Sanctuary."


ORIGINAL TITLE:天使禁猟区 (Tenshi Kinryouku)

SERIES STATUS:  Completed (With 20 volumes for the Old Edition and with 10 volumes for the Deluxe Edition)

Language: German

AUTHOR: Kaori Yuki

FORMAT: Hardcover, 21.4 x 14.5 cm, Japanese reading style, double volume, ,404 pages

PUBLISHER: Carlsen Manga

RELEASE DATE OF THE SERIES: 2011-2013 (German edition); 1994-2001 (In Japan)


GENRE; Superhuman, gothic fantasy, mystery, angels and demons

CONDITION**: Very good +. Only a few very small signs of wear.

** The condition of used manga is always carefully described. If there are major defects - such as edges, cracks, creases, etc. - they will be shown in your own photos. This means that if there are only 2 photos (front and back), the book is in very good condition and there is no particular defect to show.

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