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ONE PIECE collection slipcase 2: Alabasta + Vol. 13-23 GERMAN (new)

ONE PIECE collection slipcase 2: Alabasta + Vol. 13-23 GERMAN (new)

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"The second of many stylish collector's slipcases contains volumes 13 to 23 of the most popular manga in the world: ONE PIECE! The ideal starter set (and gift) for fans of the pirate series and all those who want to become one! Experience the story of the future king of pirates in an unparalleled story full of action, adventure, drama, friendship and humor. With almost 500 million volumes sold worldwide, One Piece is the best-selling manga series in history!

Monkey D. Luffy is a little boy who would like to become a pirate. Unfortunately, even a test of courage is of no use to him. As long as he can't swim, he has to stay at home. But when he steals the secret fruit of the sea, also known as devil fruit or gum-gum fruit, from the pirates and eats it for dessert, everything changes... "


TITLE:  One Piece collector's slipcase 2: Alabasta (incl. volumes 13-23)



STATUS OF THE SERIES (German Edition): Ongoing (106 volumes published so far)

AUTOR: Eiichiro Oda

FORMAT: Vol. 13-23 (paperback, softcover) with collector's slipcase

VERLAG: Carlsen Manga

RELEASE DATE:  2001-ongoing (German edition) 1997-ongoing (in Japan)

GENRE; Adventure, Pirates, Action


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