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MAGUS OF THE LIBRARY Vol. 1-6 individual volumes GERMAN (new)

MAGUS OF THE LIBRARY Vol. 1-6 individual volumes GERMAN (new)

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" 1000 and two fairy tales! - Amun, a city like something out of an Arabian fairy tale... an elf child grows up there in poverty. His "sister" works hard so that the sibling can read and write learns, because an ostracized “long ear” is excluded everywhere else. But what's the point of all that education if you're not allowed to read all the beautiful books in the library because the librarian keeps throwing you out the door? One day there's a lot of excitement the small town, because the library supervisors from Af'shak - the city of knowledge - are arriving: powerful scholars, one of whom, Sedna, doesn't seem to have anything against the strange-looking child. An exciting time with magic and dreams begins for the elf child Adventures that can only come from books..."



TITLE:  Magus of the Library

ORIGINAL TITLE: 図書館の大魔術師  (Toshokan no Daimajutsushi)

STATUS OF THE SERIES (German edition):  Ongoing (6 volumes published so far)


AUTHOR:  Mitsu Izumi 

FORMAT: Softcover with flap cover, 21 x 14.5 cm, Japanese reading style, 240-304 pages/book

PUBLISHER:  Carlsen Manga

SERIES RELEASE DATE: 2019-ongoing (German edition) 2018-running (in Japan)

GENRE:  Fantasy, Abenteuer



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