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KUMIHO-THE FOX WITH THE NINE TAILS Vol. 1-21 German individual volumes (used)

KUMIHO-THE FOX WITH THE NINE TAILS Vol. 1-21 German individual volumes (used)




"Kumiho, the nine-tailed fox, was trapped in a sword 1000 years ago by a powerful demon hunter named Muryeong. This sword was lost for a long time until an unsuspecting elementary school student Maru Kang rediscovers it in a dark alley under a pile of trash. Maru pulls the sword out of its scabbard and thus frees the spirit of the kumiho and its power passes to him.
But that's not all: the spirit of Kumiho is now Maru's constant companion and has tons of good advice in store. Because she actually wants to become human again. As if having a ghost at your side wasn't enough, to make matters worse, Muryeong the demon hunter reappears, believing that Kumiho killed his brother and has therefore pursued them through time for 1000 years. He is completely obsessed with the idea of ​​killing Kumiho and will use any means to do so.

Suddenly everyone is after Kumiho and Maru, as the actual owner of the powers, defends and protects Kumiho. From now on nothing seems to be the same for Maru and the world around him shows a different face. But despite their powers and magic, everyone involved is pretty clumsy and clumsy and little Maru gets from one argument to the next."



TITLE:  KUMIHO-The Fox with the Nine Tails (Manhwa)

ORIGINAL TITLE: 신구미호 (Shin Gumiho)

STATUS OF THE SERIES (German edition):  Completed (21 volumes)


EDITION/PRINTING: All 1st edition and 1st print

AUTHOR:  Hyun-Dong Han

FORMAT: Paperback (softcover), B/W, Western reading style, 170-180 pages/book  

PUBLISHER:  Tokyopop

RELEASE DATE OF THE SERIES: 2004-2011 (German edition), 2002-2008 (In South Korea)


GENRE:  Superhuman, Fantasy, Comedy

CONDITION:  Used/VERY GOOD: General condition is very good. Only a few very small signs of wear. The book edges are slightly to moderately yellowed (look at photos)

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