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BLEACH Volume 9 by Tite Kubo German (pre-owned)

BLEACH Volume 9 by Tite Kubo German (pre-owned)



"For we fear what we cannot see" Ghosts and demons exist among us and Ichigo Kurosaki has the gift of seeing them. Everything goes normally until he gets caught up in a fight between an evil spirit and the goddess of the dead, Rukia Kuchiki. Near death, Rukia transfers all of her powers to the unsuspecting Ichigo. Between high school, ghosts and family chaos, Ichigo now has to do the daily work of a god of the dead!"


TITLE:  Bleach Volume 9

ORIGINAL TITEL: Bleach (Buriichi)

EDITION:  3rd edition

SERIES STATUS: Completed (74 volumes)


AUTHOR: Tite Kubo

FORMAT: Softcover, Japanese reading style, 190 pages


RELEASE DATE OF THE SERIES:2006-2017 (German edition),2011-2016 (In Japan)

GENRE; Superhuman, Action, Shinigami, Fights, Dark fantasy

CONDITION**:  Used/ Very good +. Almost new.

**  The condition of used manga is always carefully described. If there are major defects - such as cracks, creases, etc. - they will be shown with own photos. This means that if there are only 2 photos (front and back), the book is in very good condition and there is no particular defect to show. 

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