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ASADORA! Vol. 1-7 GERMAN individual volumes (new)

ASADORA! Vol. 1-7 GERMAN individual volumes (new)

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""Asadora!" is a manga by Naoki Urasawa published in the magazine "Weekly Big Comic Spirits" since 2018. The manga marks the return of Urasawa to this magazine after a break of 11 years since the conclusion of " 20th Century Boys” and “21st Century Boys”.

The plot of "Asadora!" begins in 1959 in Nagoya and revolves around the main character Asa Asada, who is introduced as a twelve-year-old girl. Asa is always in a hurry and is constantly called by the wrong name. The story spans from the post-war period to the present and is described as the chronicle of a nameless, delicate but strong woman's life.

Naoki Urasawa, known for his outstanding storytelling skills and complex character development, continues his distinctive narrative style in "Asadora!" continued. The manga not only features compelling storylines, but also Urasawa's signature blend of suspense, mystery, and human relationships.

"Asadora!" shows how Urasawa unfolds the story of a female protagonist in the usual way, while at the same time weaving various elements and themes into the plot. Fans of the mangaka can look forward to seeing how Asa Asada's story unfolds and what twists and surprises it has in store.


ORIGINAL TITLE:あさドラ! (Asadora!)

STATUS OF THE SERIES (German edition): Ongoing (7 volumes published so far)

Language: German

AUTHOR: Naoki Urasawa (Monster, 20th century Boys, Pluto)

FORMAT: Softcover, 21 x 14.7 cm, B/W, Japanese reading style, 208 pages/ Volume

PUBLISHER: Carlsen Manga

PUBLICATION DATE: 2022-current (German edition) 2019-current (in Japan)

GENRE: Drama, Mystery



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