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Science fiction manga are stories set in a futuristic or technologically advanced world. They often explore themes such as space travel, artificial intelligence, time travel, alternate realities, and futuristic technologies. The plots can revolve around intergalactic adventures, dystopian societies, robots and cyborgs, alien life forms or scientific discoveries. Science fiction manga often features a mix of action, adventure, and philosophical questions about the future of humanity and the impact of technology on society. With fascinating worlds, innovative concepts and often impressive illustrations, science fiction manga offers a wide range of stories for fans of the genre.


DID YOU ALREADY KNOW IT?  The first science fiction manga to be widely recognized is "Astro Boy" (Japanese: Tetsuwan Atomu) by Osamu Tezuka. This series was first published in 1952 and is considered groundbreaking for the entire science fiction genre in manga. "Astro Boy" is set in a futuristic world where robots and humans live together. The story follows a robot boy named Astro, created by a scientist, who embarks on adventures that explore topics such as robotics, artificial intelligence and the ethical questions surrounding the existence of robots. "Astro Boy" laid the foundation for many science fiction manga that followed later and had a lasting impact on the genre.

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