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Horror in manga field is a fascinating genre characterized by its supernatural elements, psychological thrills and disturbing images. This unique art form offers a wide range of stories that explore the darker aspects of human nature and man's deepest fears. From bloody battles with demonic creatures to subtle but eerie tales of ghosts and curses, horror manga offers a variety of captivating and spooky narratives.

With supernatural elements, unpredictable storylines and a captivating depiction of horror, horror manga offer an intense reading experience that captivates readers. Discover the dark and fascinating world of horror manga and immerse yourself in stories that bring your deepest fears and nightmares to life.

DID YOU KNOW ALREADY? The first horror manga is often referred to as "Hino Horror", created by mangaka Hideshi Hino. His best-known manga, "Panorama of Hell", was published in 1984 and is considered one of the first horror manga to appeal to a broad readership. Hino's works are characterized by dark and disturbing themes and have had a major influence on the horror genre in manga.

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